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Autodesk empowers customers to become more sustainable by creating technology that improves energy and material productivity.

“Our largest opportunity to create positive impact at scale is by supporting our customers with the technology they need to unlock insights, make better decisions, and achieve superior outcomes.”

Andrew Anagnost
Autodesk, President and Chief Executive Officer

How Autodesk can help your business

By creating a partnership with your business, we can help to assess your processes and practices and create a success plan to achieve your sustainability goals.

In-depth coaching & on-demand courses

Autodesk has created a number of workshops, tutorials, and online courses that teach the principles and practice of sustainability in engineering and design.

Expert advice & troubleshooting tips

We offer access to our best in-class experts who can help to solve our customers' most pressing issues related to energy, materials, health, resilience, work, and prosperity.

Business planning

All businesses are different, and we offer bespoke solutions each time we partner with one. We’ll use our expertise and experience to set you on the right path to reach your sustainability goals.

Sustainable outcome opportunities

We focus our efforts to advance positive outcomes across several areas. These impact opportunity areas align the top needs of our stakeholders, the important issues of our business, and the areas we are best placed to accelerate positive impact at scale.

Optimize energy consumption

Maximizing energy efficiency, researching alternative energy sources, and minimizing embodied and operational carbon to reduce costs and enable products and places to contribute to a net zero world.

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Strengthening water system


Through cloud technology and data-driven decision making, Arcadis delivers an infrastructure expansion and modernization project for Toledo’s Collins Park Water Treatment Plant.

Minimize resource use and waste

We can minimize materials used, reduce toxicity and landfill, and prioritize reuse and recycling. We can also improve supply chains to ensure consistency and trust in end products.

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3d Printing robots

NASA Habitats

By redesigning 3D printing technology with Fusion 360 and PowerMill, NASA engineers can re-think supply chains and create a solution to building habitable structures on the Moon and Mars.

Improve process and operational efficiency

Reducing energy use and carbon emissions, while lowering operating expenses and mitigating risk from rising energy costs and regulation.

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EDM Automation

Quest Industries

By standardizing on Autodesk advanced manufacturing software, Quest Industries was able to fully automate their EDM department, improving operational efficiency and increasing their capacity by 50%.

Circular design of products

Designing out waste and leading the transition to a circular economy with the resuse and recycling of all places and products.

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Generative design

General Motors

Through generative design and additive manufacturing, General Motors is able to minimize resources and make lighter, more efficient, and customizable cars.

Gain competitor advantage

All of the above can make your business a more attractive proposition to customers, who want to know they are getting a product/service with sustainability in mind.

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Environmental Impact


Using advanced 5-axis manufacturing capabilities within Fusion 360, Pembree can simplify production, improve part quality, and reduce the total carbon cost of its parts.

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