Washington, D.C. leads the nation in ENERGY STAR buildings, once again

Moiz Kapadia | May 4, 2016

Energy Usage Intensity of each building shows the total amount of energy used per square foot of each building. The stronger the color, the more energy the building consumes

The EPA just released the 2016 ENERGY STAR Top Cities results, which ranks cities based on the number of ENERGY STAR certified buildings. For the second year in a row Washington, D.C. came in first place with 686 certified buildings. Frankly, I’m not surprised.

As written in their 2032 Sustainable DC Plan, Washington, D.C. is working towards achieving an ambitious goal to retrofit 100% of their existing commercial and residential buildings to net-zero energy, so it’s not surprising they are leading the nation in ENERGY STAR buildings. Setting these targets moves academia and the public/private sector to participate in a transformational effort, and Autodesk is proud to play a role.

We partnered with the Downtown DC Business Improvement District, the Department of Energy and Environment, and Interface Engineering consultants to find the buildings that are in most need of energy retrofits. Using Rapid Energy Modeling and InfraWorks 360, we found which buildings to target and simulated the benefits of building improvements for over 80 buildings Downtown DC, a registered EcoDistrict. I led the team that created this video to show retrofit readiness across four building metrics – Energy Usage Intensity, Lighting Retrofit Potential, Annual Energy Cost, and Window Retrofit Potential.

Our team has been working hard to accelerate the pace of energy efficiency retrofits with our Rapid Energy Modeling service. But don’t simply take our word for why they are so important, here’s what EPA Administrator Gina McCarthy has to say:

“Every year, more cities and buildings are turning to energy efficiency to protect the environment and strengthen their local economies. Money saved on energy bills can boost the bottom line and be reinvested. The cities on this list prove energy efficiency saves money, improves our communities today, and helps us build toward a healthy future full of opportunity.” 

Los Angeles came in second place with 527 buildings, and our hometown of San Francisco came in third with 355 buildings. Accolades to Atlanta and New York City who came in fourth and fifth respectively with more than 300 buildings each.

Perhaps one of these cities will de-throne Washington, D.C. in 2017?

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