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Moiz Kapadia | December 9, 2015

It’s true – Singapore lives up to its name as a ‘City in a Garden’. Everywhere you look, you find thick preserved jungle, green roofs, a tree-lined boulevard, or a planter right beside you. Driving on the highway late at night made me feel like I was driving through a National Park. Less obvious, but

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Guest Author | December 3, 2015

By Ralph DiNola, CEO of New Buildings Institute   I love movies where life as we know it will end unless someone can stop the massive meteor, or other catastrophe, from imploding the Earth. Everybody freaks out until some unlikely hero emerges with a risky, but innovative idea to save the day. The risk typically

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Guest Author | November 24, 2015

By Mike Hower, Principal of ClimaTalk Communications   Cities across the globe historically have viewed stormwater as a public nuisance that causes damaging floods and spreads pollution. This view stands to only worsen in the new age of rising sea levels and increasingly severe and frequent extreme weather events. That’s because most cities have relied

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Guest Author | November 23, 2015

By Ralph DiNola, CEO of the New Buildings Institute   I had the honor recently of addressing members of Congress on opportunities for “reinventing” existing buildings to achieve high levels of energy efficiency and productivity. The morning briefing was hosted by the Alliance to Save Energy. Why existing buildings? Here are the stats: There are

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