Green Stormwater Infrastructure Launches for InfraWorks 360

Brian Young | September 9, 2015

Green Stormwater Infrastructure for Autodesk InfraWorks 360

Managing stormwater—the water from rainfall events—is a pressing challenge for cities today. To deal with flooding, cities have built massive sewer systems to move water away from urban areas and discharge it to treatment plants or the ocean. But many cities are now experiencing the undesired side effects of this ‘gray infrastructure’ approach, most notably river pollution and depleted water supplies.

In the U.S. alone, an estimated 10 trillion gallons of untreated stormwater flow into waterways and drinking water supplies each year. This water is laced with algae-inducing nutrients, heavy metals, and in the case of 772 U.S. cities with combined sewer systems, raw sewage. As a result, cities are looking for a more sustainable approach to stormwater management.

Green stormwater management practices like porous pavement and bioretention absorb and filter stormwater where it lands, replenishing aquifers rather than contaminating rivers. By using green infrastructure techniques, not only are communities protecting water quality more cost-effectively, they realize a number of additional benefits such as new recreational space, cleaner air, and increased property values.

It’s not surprising then that 9 of the 10 most populous U.S. cities have green infrastructure plans or ordinances. New York and Philadelphia have allocated billions of dollars for improvements over the next two decades. Globally, the EU, UK, and Australia all require green infrastructure. And in Asia, Singapore and 16 pilot “Sponge Cities” in China have committed to capturing a majority of their rainwater for local reuse.

So, to keep up in today’s infrastructure development market, planners and engineers need to be experts at designing green stormwater strategies into their projects.

Introducing Autodesk® Green Stormwater Infrastructure Extension for InfraWorks® 360

Until now, only a handful of tools existed for green stormwater infrastructure design. These tools are limited to either 2D schematics or spreadsheets, so there hasn’t been an easy way to visualize and simulate how design features fit within the landscape and perform under different storm conditions. This lack of integration with design tools is inefficient and increases the risk for design errors.

Autodesk Green Stormwater Infrastructure Extension for Infraworks 360


All that changed this week with the launch of a new analysis tool that helps planners and engineers determine the best way to integrate green infrastructure strategies at the site, neighborhood, or district scale.

With the Autodesk Green Stormwater Infrastructure (GSI) Extension for InfraWorks 360, you can quickly model scenarios in an interactive 3D environment to understand the best way to meet municipal code or LEED requirements for stormwater management. GSI helps you collaborate with team members, share your vision with public stakeholders, and calculate the social, environmental, and financial benefits of your design proposals through its companion app, Autocase® by Impact Infrastructure.

GSI is available for free to Autodesk InfraWorks 360 subscribers on the Autodesk Exchange App Store.

Visit the Green Stormwater Infrastructure page to learn more.


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