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Moiz Kapadia | April 22, 2016

We’re currently in the midst of the Department of Transportation’s Smart Cities Challenge, which will award $50 million to one of seven cities to realize their vision for mobility. It’s very exciting to see the Federal government make an investment in expanding mobility options, especially with such a strong emphasis on technology innovation. As I

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Bhavini Patel | April 14, 2016

Emma Stewart spoke about the “City-Company Nexus” at CDP’s Spring Workshop, hosted by Google. She highlighted the corollaries she observes between new corporate sustainability practices and those emerging among cities. She also pointed to a case study of a collaboration between a public company and city government:  Washington DC.  

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Bhavini Patel | April 7, 2016

Four Ways CEOs are Inspiring Mayors on Climate Action Emma Stewart, April 4, 2016, with Katie Walsh, Cities Program Manager, CDP   Over thousands of years humans have built and settled in what we now call cities, and over the years some of those cities flourished as others perished. Many that perished believed that climate

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