Mobility Simulator Design multi-modal transportation systems

Move people, not cars

Automobiles have transformed the way modern society lives, works, and plays. However, reliance on the automobile has also brought about tremendous consequences in terms of congestion, air quality, injuries, and equity issues. Nowhere are these challenges more important than in cities, who must now re-imagine their transportation networks to focus on what’s important: moving people and goods, not cars.

Autodesk’s Mobility Simulator enables planners and engineers to design multi-modal transportation networks, which offers multiple options ranging from mass transit, ride-sharing, biking, or walking. Simulating these scenarios allows for cities and transit agencies to understand the impacts of their decisions and lead them toward the sustainable choice.

  • Automatically generate a 3D model of the existing roads, buildings, and infrastructure with InfraWorks 360
  • Incorporate data from transit systems and create a baseline scenario
  • Re-design the transportation network to include bus routes, bike lanes, pedestrian walk ways, and choose the appropriate mix of modes
  • Enable cities and transportation agencies to reduce their environmental footprint

Autodesk is proud to sponsor the DOT Smart Cities Challenge, and Secretary of Transportation Anthony Foxx is excited about our involvement: “The support of Autodesk on the U.S. DOT’s Smart City Challenge will give the five finalists access to imagine, design and simulate what a fully integrated, forward-looking transportation network looks like, and help us push the boundaries of what is possible in cities across America.”

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