Green Stormwater Infrastructure Designing for water stewardship and resiliency

Green Stormwater Infrastructure

Managing stormwater runoff is a top priority for urban areas today. Recent studies show that implementing green stormwater management techniques, such as porous pavement and green roofs, is more cost-effective compared to traditional gray stormwater measures like pipes, sewers, and manholes. To stay competitive in today’s infrastructure development market, planners and engineers must incorporate green stormwater strategies into their designs.

Green Stormwater Infrastructure (GSI) enables rapid design and real-time analysis of stormwater management projects in an interactive 3D environment. It uses industry-standard hydrological models to estimate runoff volume, and features tools to design and analyze nine types of green stormwater infrastructure, including trees. GSI also provides flexibility to meet local stormwater requirements as well as LEED v4 (SSc4) and LEED 2009 (SSc6.9) certification credits.

  • Visualize compatibility with the landscape
  • Quickly identify optimal solutions
  • Benchmark against sustainability ratings as you design
  • Dramatically reduce data collection and data entry time
  • Clearly communicate the project vision



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