Factory Environmental Management BIM and CFD Simulation for safer, more productive factory design

Energy-efficient Factory Design

The most successful industrial manufacturing companies in the world recognize that environmental responsibility is not only best business practice, but that it also plays a key role in creating a safer and more productive factory environment. Recent advancements in the capabilities and ease of use of Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) simulation have made understanding airflow in the factory a cost-effective way to optimize HVAC system performance.

Building Information Modeling tools such as Factory Design Suite and Building Design Suite help you design and communicate the most efficient layout by creating a digital model of your new or existing factory. Simulation CFD is then used to generate a clear analysis of energy consumption, including thermal dissipation and HVAC system performance that help guide decisions going forward.

  • Reduce the risk and expense of costly scrap and downtime due to machine overheating
  • Optimize operations without compromising quality or comfort
  • Minimize and justify capital costs of new designs and retrofits
  • Employ visualization and analysis tools to increase innovation, design efficiency and quickly respond to changes in requirements
  • Improve your knowledge of Autodesk simulation tools with free online training