Triple Bottom Line Analysis (Autocase) Secure financing and buy-in for sustainable projects

Sustainable Infrastructure Development Analysis

Every infrastructure and major building project today competes for scarce financing. Teams that convince stakeholders of maximum financial and sustainable returns can increase their chances to achieve more wins. But valuation is complex and traditionally too narrow to capture non-cash benefits.

The solution is Autocase, a web based tool that analyzes and reports triple bottom line (TBL) values – economic, social, and environmental costs and benefits – of infrastructure projects.

Autocase for AutoCAD® Civil 3D® and InfraWorks® 360 that automates this valuation process for Site and Stormwater Design from within the virtual model environment. Teams can assess the TBL impact of design changes immediately and use this information to increase their chances to win financing and buy-in from the community. Autocase evaluates the performance of both grey infrastructure elements, including roads and parking lots, as well as green roofs and porous pavement.

  • Bring economists’ expertise in-house with transparent data sources
  • Achieve more sustainable, profitable results in less time
  • Reduce pushback and costly delays by addressing community concerns
  • Prioritize competing projects for financing based on societal value
  • Aids compliance with the EnvisionTM Sustainable Infrastructure Rating System



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